Software Development:


The current digital era provides us with access to a range of technology stacks and frameworks that help solve common problems in the enterprise development space. However, the choices an organization makes out of these multiple stacks are what makes the difference in brand reinforcement, increased visibility, accessibility, and seamless scheduling.

We at Reliant Vision, act as a catalyst for our clients to make that effective and useful choice.

Case Studies

App developed to facilitate fund transfer and payment.

One of the projects was a client who dealt with a wide range of mobile broadbands and other communication needs. The client was looking at a simple, hassle-free and secured gateway to make payments and do fund transfer.

The challenge was to create a secured fund transfer that not only ushered safe payment but also allowed the users to store money in the digital wallet.

We knew that most of the established brands had their inbuilt payment system which connected the user to different payment modes for smooth payments. Therefore, our expert team did a detailed study of what the existing modules provided and what were the hiccups that users in general experience. Based on the inputs we got, our team chalked out a design that was the right mix of utility, safety and design.

The client whose priority was safety and utility was highly impressed at the fact that we had given due attention to the design elements as well. Thus, due to our experience and qualified team, we managed to deliver beyond the expectations of the client.


Web Application Development, Desktop Applications, Product Development and Integration, Enterprise Application Development , Database Development, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Application Development


Microsoft ASP.NET, Java Script PHP,Angular JavaScript Node JS,CSS,HTML5,Python

Mobile Application Development

Reliant Vision can quickly understand your requirements and build mobile applications based on your budgets and timelines. We have some of the best talent who has wide experience in working for cutting edge technology. We can build Mobile Apps on multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Our solutions give you the flexibility to scale up to future infrastructure needs and are open to multiple platforms, namely Google Play Store, iCloud, Amazon cloud and Windows Azure.

Thanks to the new edge, high end mobiles, the world has shrunk into your palms. Complementing these changes, businesses and brands have realized that being present on the mobiles is imperative. Therefore, businesses have realized that one of the most effective of reaching out to their clients in making their presence felt through mobile apps. However, designing a mobile app needs a different level of technical skills that enables one to balance multiple layers of design, technology, purpose and branding under one roof.

Our team at Reliant Vision understands this fact and therefore master different technologies and interfaces that make your mobile app experience hassle-free and engaging.

Web Application Development

Reliant Vision has evolved as the best web application development company which provide high class web development to its clients. Reliant Vision as a professional online web application development delivers applications with high-level of design & coding. We provide end to end web applications for SMEs and large-scale industries. We write high-level of standard coding which makes the Application more efficient, reliable and secure. Our designing of web applications is mobile responsive, customizable and user-friendly.

Case Studies


To plan and build up a graphical UI (GUI) with Advantech PPC-L61T Flat Panel PC (running Microsoft Windows CE) to ascertain the helium spill rate dependent on contributions from a helium sensor. The GUI needs to give framework controls, arrangement alternatives, diagnostics, different information/yield structures, and sound prompts, all in a few dialects. The application needs to help COM and USB interfaces as correspondence modules.


Reliant Vision utilizes an all-around characterized programming improvement life cycle (SDLC) model, which adopts an iterative strategy in executing a venture. Each form/achievement is booked so that acquiring explicit prerequisites identified with the modification of undertaking reports, arranging, careful testing, and bug fixing are completed steadily. One of the colleagues is marked the job of value investigator to audit and update venture archives, compose testing exercises and lead ordinary code surveys walkthroughs. Assigned colleagues work pair with the quality expert, as individuals from the testing group, ceaselessly planning to improve the nature of the product conveyed.


iPhone App Development, iPad App Development Android App Development, Mobile Web Development, Mobile Game Development, Cross-platform Mobile Apps


Andriod, IOS, Objective-C, Swift Xamarin, PhoneGap, Titanium

Business knowledge and examination are information the executive’s arrangements actualized in organizations and undertakings to gather recorded and present information, while utilizing measurements and programming to break down crude data and convey experiences for settling on better future choices.

Let's be honest: the two terms give bits of knowledge into the business activity and future choices, yet it comes down to the distinctions into how they do it and what data precisely do they give.

It appears to be certain that there isn't one standard "right" meaning of the contrasts between the two terms. The fluctuating suppositions given by the specialists is proof of that. Along these lines, rather than attempting to locate the "right" answer, how about we locate a valuable qualification between the two that can be utilized essentially and obviously to help you in your work. The most clear and valuable contrast between business insight and information investigation comes down to two components

1. Are we concerned with what happened, how it happened, or why it happened?

Business intelligence – Deals with what occurred previously and how it happened paving the way to the present minute. It distinguishes large patterns and examples without diving a lot into the why's or anticipating what's to come.

Business analytics –Deals with the why's of what occurred previously. It separates contributing variables and causality. It additionally utilizes these for what reasons to make forecasts of what will occur later on.

Business insight can be utilized by ventures to help a wide scope of business choices going from operational to key. Essential working choices incorporate item situating or valuing. Key business choices include needs, objectives, and bearings at the broadest level. In all cases, BI is best when it joins information got from the market where an organization works (outer information) with information from organization sources inside to the business, for example, monetary and activities information (inner information). At the point when joined, outside and inner information can give a total picture which, as a result, makes a "knowledge" that can't be gotten from any solitary arrangement of data. Amongst bunch utilizes, business insight instruments engage associations to pick up understanding into new markets, to evaluate request and reasonableness of items and administrations for various market sections, and to check the effect of showcasing endeavors.

Reliant Vision provides a range for Cloud services. Our team of technology experts enable our clients to design and implement customized cloud-based solutions and cloud services that encompass robust features of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Data and information play a crucial role in any organization. With organizations growing global, the ability to store them, articulate them and exploit them for organizational growth depends greatly on the cloud services. Therefore, Reliant Vision offers a gamut of cloud services that enable our clients to gain the most from high-performing cloud environments.

Administration and Reliability

Case Studies

Customer Profile:

Our customer is a national level Property Management Solutions Company working in a few states over the USA and offers full-administration, experienced private property the executives to customers.

The Challenge:

Creating a web application that should be sent on Cloud and utilizing administrations from different interfaces from the cloud. The web application will be a cross-stage arrangement with a responsive website composition utilizing HTML5 and Kendo UI.

Application Scope:

The undertaking was conveyed on time and under the spending plan and helped the customer to meet their business development plans. Pre-emptive estimates are taken by the quality framework brought about essentially decreasing the exertion in after sending support.


Infrastructure Design and Deployment, Configuration and Upgrades, CoE and Process Improvement, Business Continuity Services, Data Governance, Data Management, Clustering, Database Administration, High Availability, Storage Assessment, Data migrations, Performance Monitoring


Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Casandra, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3, NoSQL, MongoDB, Contao, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Craft

Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Quality is the crux for any industry. Testing and QA is a critical aspect that has a direct impact on the business's operations, productivity and profits. Therefore, Testing & Quality Assurance Services have been high on demand.

With an understanding of the intensity of this service and backing it with a team of experts who master Testing & Quality Assurance Services, we at Reliant Vision help organizations improve their testing and QA services as an independent entity or as an offshoot to their existing team.

Depending upon the requirement, we use different QA frameworks that best suitable in achieving the highest standards of quality.

Case Studies

Customer Profile:

Our customer is the world head in high goals filtered pillar show and imaging frameworks based upon the organization's exclusive silicon miniaturized scale reflect innovation. The organization structures and grows high-accuracy filtering frameworks and related advances that empower individual and projection shows, and picture catch items for a wide scope of military, clinical, modern, expert and purchaser items.


The customer reached Reliant Vision to test the Barcode SDK against different Windows stages, Windows cell phones and scanner tag gadget firmware adaptations. SDK can be worked in fastened and un-fastened modes, utilizing sequential just as Bluetooth associations. The difficulties engaged with this venture are:

Testing all the API brings in various modes and on various objective stages

Every conceivable circumstance custom application designer’s other SDK client may experience will be shrouded in the testing

DVT results will be dissected, and Reliant Vision needs to exhort Micro vision on the discharge preparation and unwavering quality of the SDK

Test outfits will be created to mechanize the testing of API calls with every single imaginable blend of contentions esteem

Age of reports from the test bridle for computerized tests to more readily get disappointments

The Reliant Vision group will be capable pinpoint abandons in the SDK source code and give contributions to fixing the imperfections

To study and report the impacts of battery state of the Flic Device on the working of the SDK

To oversee and follow the test aftereffects of each test emphasis

Test Scope and Coverage

The SDK was tried on different stages with various Firmware gadgets, Bluetooth dongle gadgets and Bluetooth Stacks for Windows. The SDK needs to test on all the most recent accessible Windows Mobile gadgets.

Test Strategy:

After examining the SDK, the Reliant Vision Team has built up a test bridle to test the SDK. The test bridle will call every apus with client contributions as contentions for that API and will show the outcome as returned by the API. The group has gathered all conceivable substantial, just as invalid contentions, for each apus by utilizing limit esteem investigation, proportionality apportioning systems. Moreover, situation-based experiments were set up to ensure that each apus was filling in true to form in every single imaginable situation. Test Scenarios are developed to cover the accompanying viewpoints

To ensure that the request where the calls to the DLL are had has no undesirable effect

To ensure DLL is giving the normal usefulness to the applications

Unwavering quality Testing:

Each apus is tried to guarantee that it is creating a similar yield on totally recorded firmware renditions and scanner modes on every working mode. Likewise, all the APIs are tried with different working frameworks.

Test outcomes:

As testing is done with different blends, creating legitimate test outcome was significant test as a major aspect of this task. A test outcome table was set up to give itemized synopsis of each test emphasis.

Test Metrics and Defect Analysis:

The testing action measurements and results are gathered and broke down to help customer dynamic and furthermore to improve the effectiveness of our group.

Imperfection Removal Efficiency:

The Reliant Vision group has accomplished over 95% of Defect Removal Efficiency. Test Coverage: The test Coverage right now 100% as far as API inclusion and test arrangement inclusion. Furthermore, the Reliant Vision group has guaranteed 85% of the code inclusion by proactively investigating the source code of the SDK during the experiment’s configuration stage

Client Benefits:

Reliant Vision tried the SDK altogether on all stages and revealed concealed imperfections

The greater part of the API's has been robotized so that can spare parcel of time

Exhaustive deformity report helped our customer to build up a SDK which is strong on all the stages

Discharging different measurements at the fitting time improved the customer dynamic procedure.

A powerful relapse test suite created by Reliant Vision helped the rational soundness testing of different building arrivals of the SDK and firmware's of the standardized tag scanner.


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the method used for integrating components of computer application. EAI involves developing a new total view of an enterprise's business and its applications, seeing how existing applications fit into the new view, and then devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data. ‘Enterprise’ indicates that EAI is adopted by organizations that span different locations, department, and areas.

EAI initiatives are driven by changes in business and applications. New applications may require new database and workflow connections. The overall business decision to adopt application modernization, cloud computing or business process modernization will typically involve EAI changes to both areas.

The most common drivers of EAI are a desire to support mobile workers, organizational goals to optimize internet and e-commerce use and efforts to fully exploit cloud computing.

Automation – Enhanced and modernized business processes with transparency in data flow between applications. EAI brings that automation which allows applications to be tightly integrated and in-sync with each other.

Real-time Access to Information In today’s market, rapid response is a common expectation. EAI brings this change, by providing updates with zero-latency to its consumers.

Expandable & Agile Application integration tools bring swiftness to address the integration needs as they evolve and add improvements by reusing same core business logic.

Enhanced Visibility EAI tools helps in maintaining end-to-end visibility of business processes with proper control and accountability. With this clearness, organizations can stay well informed and make quick decisions.

Reduced Complications & Cost EAI tools can reduce complexity, but it requires enterprises to be dedicated to getting maximum value from it. Generally, any change to the existing system can pose greater complexity, which in turn contributes to greater cost and increased failure risks. So that’s why, enterprises are now focusing more on their architectural capacity, technology, skills so that EAI tools can be installed to deliver business benefits and to reduce the operational costs required to manage the complexity of applications.

In a nutshell, EAI tools can prove beneficial to any organization, if chosen with careful planning which suits the company’s business scenario.

EAI there are four common types of integration

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