This is not another COVID-19 email message that we are all getting these days…. This is our standard monthly newsletter about moving business forward and maintaining productivity. Enough with doom and gloom, how about we focus on making the best of our temporary reality?

“The show must go on” and so do our work responsibilities. While this shift to remote work may not be a major transition for some organizations, we recognize that for others, staying secure and productive during this critical time can be a challenge. Whitaker started offering remote work opportunities a few years ago to certain positions. Being successful in rolling out and navigating the transition of a partially remote workforce, here’s our advice on how to maximize this new work arrangement to maintain productivity:

Team leads (management positions

Team members

Ready To Make A Great Hire?

Competition for top talent is fierce, and with the abundant resources and information available to candidates online (think Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc), companies must carefully craft their talent acquisition strategies to involve an overall “candidate experience”.

“People who are satisfied with their candidate experiences are 38 percent more likely to accept a job offer” (IBM, The Far-Reaching Impact of Candidate Experience, 2017)

” 82 percent of hiring managers say they view the candidate experience as very or extremely important” (CareerBuilder, Candidate Experience from End-to-End, 2017)

Empower the manager/director to make the candidate experience a good one; know how to do these things first:

Sell your company
Sell the opportunity and potential growth
Sell the opportunity and potential growth
Talk about benefit perks
Company reputation: would you want to work for your company, your department or group?
Time: how long does it take from the initial interview to identify which candidate is the best addition for your team?
First 30 days: does a new employee feel welcomed and part of the team, how often does a manager or team lead have one-on-one conversations with the employee?

As always, we’re here to assist you in crafting a top-notch candidate experience and can play a vital role in bringing you the top talent. Contact us today!

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