Case Studies

Case study 1

Music is an integral part of our life. Be it to calm your mind or energize, music is something we all fall back for. Driven by this importance of music in our lives, one of our clients was launching a music app.

The client expectations from the application were as follows:

Based on this framework, we began our journey to create a music experience app. The first step was the design. A designated design team of 3 was assigned for this project. In the music app, the users are more focussed on how well the app functions, and therefore, UX needs to focus on being simple, easy to navigate, and design-wise better than what the existing apps are like.

The first step was to design the mobile app which would later be adapted for the web version. The focus was on first creating the app version because the mobile app would be downloaded and used more compared to the web version. Based on this structure, we started designing the launch screens, sign-in screen, main screen for the user, screen for settings and for modifying the same.

Once this base was created, it was time to create the UI. To make the experience interesting and the same time informative, a blur effect was used, wherein, while playing a song, the screen would highlight the name of the song, the album and would blur the other design elements. This blur effect was used across and the effect would differ in degree depending on which screen or setting the user is.

Once the UI/UX was done, came the crucial step of testing. It was time to check and get feedback about the product. Therefore, we made some music app lovers have a feel of the application and give us feedback. One of the common complaints was that the blur effect on some screens was making the screen a little messy and unreadable. Based on this feedback, we balanced the blur effect and finally were up with the product.

Case study 2
Interior design app.

A home is no more a place of living but a piece of your personality. Driven by this belief, one of our clients that was into furniture and fixtures decided to launch an exclusive Interior design app that would enable the users to design their living spaces their way by selecting from the innumerable furniture options that the brand displayed in the app.

This project was different for us, because here through the furniture we were actually talking about lifestyle and personalities. Therefore, we decided to create this experience differently.

Once the framework was done, we got into the look of the app. Based on the style and kind of furniture, we had to ensure that the colour palette of the app doesn't affect the look and design of the furniture color and design.

Once the app was ready, we did a testing wherein we came across an interesting insight that wasn't in the client requirement but something we suggested to the client and got it incorporated. That element was to incorporate a feature that would let users know how the furniture would look in the living space. We thought it was a brilliant input. Furniture is all about fitting your living space and taste, the user must get a feel of the fixture in real time. That's when we added a feature called, "Sneak Peek." The user could select the furniture that he/she liked, select the furniture which would enable you to crop the picture like a moving object and then by opening your phone camera, you can try to fit that piece in the space that you wish to place it.

With this feature, the app just became complete, making our client happy with our in depth involvement in creating the experience.

Case study 3
Signing off on a good note.

In an e-commerce portal as much as the surfing experience is important, the checkout process is equally important and one of the key factors that would decide whether the user would come back to you or not. One of our clients came up to us to enhance the checkout process on their portal. The client dealt with organic beauty and hair care products.

When we were told with the task, we first decided to understand the pattern which led to the conclusion that the checkout gateway needed a revamp

We came to know that:
However, the above being the target, to achieve it, we had to first find the answers for the following questions:

Based on the problem and the possibilities of the cause of the problem, the next step was to basic research on what were the checkout experiences that other similar e-commerce websites were providing. Complementing that, we also did a run-through of the insights that the client had gathered from the customers' feedback.

A conglomeration of all this information, decided the action plan which was as follows:

Thus, with these main elements tightened there was an increase in the conversion rate of visitors to buyers.

Case study 4
Travel app

Traveling is one thing that we all love. No wonder there has been so much innovation in the field of travel and hospitality industry. Complementing this demand, we came across a requirement of developing an app that allowed the users to explore Telangana.

Though it sounded very exciting, we knew it was going to be a challenging task because when you say travel, it is a wide concept, and finding a base to design an app for that means a lot of base research. Therefore, we started off with some basic questions that would help us understand the purpose, target audience, and expectation from the app.

Based on the responses to the above questions, we created two imaginary characters of different ages and lifestyles who took as our sample users of the app. Through this exercise we realized that the app must have:

Once this was clear, we moved on to the design element. As it is a travel application, it was essential that the application looked pleasing, filled with good pictures and navigation that almost created the impact of virtually exploring the places. In addition, the design elements needed a provision for a description of places which again needed strategic placement of content without affecting the overall look and feel of the pages.

Based on this we designed the app windows and screens. The content and the images were neatly segregated under various categories like spiritual, adventure, leisure, shopping and more. Thus, based on the user's interest and preference, the user was free to navigate through the places to plan their best travel plan. The app also had a feature wherein, if the user keyed the number of days of stay and the interests, the app would create a customized and tentative itinerary which ofcourse the user could change if needed.

Case study 1

Custom Application Development

Reliant Vision has an excellent track record of solving our clients’ most challenging problems. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects and providing an array of innovative solutions to our clients.

Reliant Vision was engaged to modify Loan Acquisition System to accept files in the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) format to replace the legacy system. Additionally, the client wanted to improve their customer experience, increase performance in acquiring loans and prepare for compliance reporting. Reliant Vision performed analysis and provided efficient scalable solutions to solve the problems with future hurdles in mind.

Application Maintenance & Support

Making your Applications Cater to Changing Business Environment

Today organizations are application driven and need seamless applications for the smooth functioning of business processes. The rapid changes require the organizations keep their applications up-to-date in order to gain an edge over the competition and witness growth. Innovative and affordable approaches to application management are the need of the hour as applications must be constantly reinvented to suit the changing business strategies.

At Reliant Vision team has the knowledge and competency to ensure that the client's applications are running efficiently with the help of proficient maintenance services. We have analyzed that Application Maintenance is a significant element in achieving productivity and streamlining business process.

Leading obesity and weight loss health service center scaled its native iOS and Android app across Hyderabad by implementing a solid testing strategy. Weight loss services provider leverages Mobile cloud based testing to automate and accelerate testing times and improve app quality. Our customer had a native app for iOS and Android that had to scale across several areas. There was a need to test it on several devices and carriers across the two platforms.

With Reliant Vision support, the customer could track all test runs, link defects to test cases, track KPIs and dashboards. The customer was using Excel for test case management which was slow, inefficient, and needed to explore other tools to bring efficiency. They were working with a testing partner who was primarily using emulators. The defect finding rate was not very high and the test coverage was limited. They needed a partner who could provide some real device support, move them away from the traditional Excel platform and improve their overall testing process for faster go-to-market.

Case study 2

An average app loses 95% of users within 90 days. Quality assurance and control are more critical than ever. Growing usage of smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc. that work on software require continual updates. Dynamic market trends and the ever-changing technology landscape with the emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility, and social media have made profound impact necessitating a change in methodology, approach, and delivery of Testing Services.

Reliant Vision provides a full spectrum of quality assurance and testing services to organizations both creating and utilizing business applications and software products. We deliver a combination of solid technical competence along with state-of-the-art testing technologies and frameworks.

The food supply chain retailers depend on the strong performance daily and more during festival and holiday seasons to boost their sales. As the demand increases, difficulty in maintaining the order and supply and processing the bill arises. So the client was in need of software with speed up capabilities (standalone machine) or an integration model. To sum it they needed a software that could provide integrate solution by connecting all the outlets with robust speed and performance to deal with the peak hour demand/business. To it the software should be flexible and easy to manage production life cycle and material movement tracking. Reliant Vision development team emerged with a solution software that simplified the billing process/screen that even an amateur can easily generate the bill without any prior training.

The client was an education provider and the challenge was to train the clients in term of reporting and traceability, test automation documentation and process. The client wanted to focus on their quality assurance process and the team. The client’s teachers and administrative team have made a tremendous contribution in its growth, but they haven’t been formally trained in QA. They have the subject expertise but lack the needed QA additional skills. Reliant Vision QA department tracked the defect within a week and QA was initially engaged complete 4 week QA maturity assessment test. This transitioned into a Manager coaching for 12 weeks against several QA core process and best practices. QAC provided a review of current automation frameworks, test plans and strategies

The results were greater test planning resulting in a reusable regression test suite, greater reporting which included top 5 Defects, Test Execution Test Distribution by User and cycle. The Advantages of Behavior Driven Development by writing test cases.

Case study 3

Web based e-commerce portal case studies

With the businesses going beyond boundaries, the virtual world has proved to be a boon to not only create a presence of your business but to also increase sales. One of our clients was starting an online fashion store. So, based on their business and the competition, it was clear that while designing their e-Commerce portal, we will have to ensure the design of the website is attractive so that it attracts a lot of enthusiasts.

Therefore, an exclusive team was assigned to understand the design element in trend, so that we come up with something that is in trend and also matches the client's brand. Then the next step was to ensure that all the apparel patterns and the products the brand sold were clearly categorized so that customers could easily navigate and look for what they like.

Therefore, each category was neatly segregated with color patterns and the new arrivals being displayed upfront. One of the key motos of the website was to convert the visitors into buyers. Therefore, the fashion label was coming up with great offers and discounts. Complementing, them, it was our job to highlight them in a way that it catches the visitors' action and direct them to pick the piece. In short, the idea is to call for action.

Thus, we had to ensure that the spot-on products and apparels were placed on the forefront but at the same time, the existing range was getting their due as well.

Once the design and traction were taken care of, the other major concern that we had to look into was making the payment process, smooth and hassle-free. In an e-Commerce portal, the payment process can make or break your client's probability to come back or continue with the website. After making the purchase, if the payment process is confusing or tough navigation, most of the time, buyers tend to just abort the shopping and move on to other websites. Therefore, we ensured that the back end os the payment process is technically perfect and simple navigation-based and on the front end is done is as fewer steps as possible.

Conclusion: With a qualified team, Reliant Vision managed to create a perfect B2C e-Commerce portal that blend design, publicity, and sale.

Case study 4

If creating a website from scratch is a challenge, revamping is equally challenging. One of our clients came to us with such a requirement. A healthcare product which was operating in the national market was up for a huge expansion into the international market. The client offered a wide range of organic healthcare products, thus making them a brand with a huge target audience.

Thus, when the client came to us, the following were the aspects the client was looking from their new website

The above being the expectation, it was loud and clear that we were not to just redesign but recreate the brand's digital presence. Thus, the first step to achieve this was to revamp the existing website with the needed technical changes that would make it accessible and visible across the globe and with a new look on the front end.

As the brand was going international, we did look at other players to understand how brands were placing themselves in terms of design, website navigation, experience etc. Based on the information we gather by seeing what the competitors were doing, we designed a plan for the brand. Based on their feedback and inputs, the final action plan was decided.

With this client, we also had to play a major role in the website content. To ensure that the brand gets visible on the international search as well, a thorough SEO analysis was done to create a content that has the right mix of the keywords.

Last but not least was the payment page. As the brand catered B2B and B2C we had to ensure that both were separated as the payment policy differed. Therefore, we ensured that we route the customers based on their purchase and then accordingly drive them to the payment portal.

Conclusion: Thus, with a 360 degrees approach and designated experts to take care of each aspect of the project development, we at Reliant Vision succeeded in creating a brand new digital presence for the client. The website has been attracting a lot of hits, converting visitors to clients. The client is extremely happy with the service and the roaring sales. The fact that the website has managed to create brand visibility and sales is what makes the client happy about choosing us.

Case study 5

Development of a mobile app that would track BP of the user.

One of our client's approached us with a requirement to develop a user friendly and accurate BP monitoring application that would also store the readings for a longer time which would enable the users to track the fluctuations. The app was targetted for those who wish to keep continuous track of their bp.

Based on the inputs and the kind of accuracy the clients as looking at, we were sure that could deliver the app but had to face the following challenges:

Design and Target: The client was looking at the app that would monitor, store, and track the BP readings of the user. However, the addition to this prime purpose was the requirement that the design of the app must be attractive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Cost-effective: The client wanted this app to be developed in such a way that it can be integrated with low-cost monitoring devices as the target was to reach out to a larger audience. Time: last but definitely the most crucial as the deadline. The client wanted this app to be delivered in 7 days.

Based on the client's requirement, our expert team came with the following plan to deliver the product.

The team was strategically divided to take care of different aspects of the process so that independent steps of the process ran without any disturbance. Thus, there was effective working.

The design team researched, in fact, used similar apps that existed in the market to understand what best could do in term s of design and user-friendliness.

Once the inputs of the research were in place, our expert team came up with an app that not only matches the client's requirement but also proved to be one of the best in the market.

App Developed to facilitate Fund Transfer and Payment.

One of the projects was a client who dealt with a wide range of mobile broadbands and other communication needs. The client as looking at a simple, hassle-free, and secured gateway to make payments and do fund transfer.

The challenge was to create a secured fund transfer that not only ushered safe payment but also allowed the users to store money in the digital wallet.

We knew that onto the established brands had their inbuilt payment system which connected the user to different payment orders for smooth payments. Therefore, our expert team did a detailed study of what the existing modules provided and what were the hiccups that users in general experience. Based on the inputs we got, our team chalked out a design that was the right mix of utility, safety, and design.

The client whose priority was safety and utility was highly impressed at the fact that they had given due attention to the design elements as well. Thus, due to our experience and qualified team, we managed to deliver beyond the expectations of the client.

App for Beauty Care and Products.

An established beauty care brand that is also into beauty products was looking at an exclusive app that would not only enable the users to buy the products but would also enable them to book virtual beauty care sessions.

As much as the project sounded exciting, we knew that it was extremely challenging to bring two types of experiences and consulting under one roof is not an easy job.

Also, because the app was a beauty product-related app, it must and should be attractive.

Because it was the first time that two types of experiences were being blended, we didn't have a reference. Therefore, we decided to have two teams who would initially work on creating the experience for both the services individually before we merged them into one com m on the platform. Both the teams researched the brands which were offering the mentioned services individually.

Once we cracked the design and technical detailing for the services individually, it was time to merge them under one roof, ensuring that neither the design aesthetics north technological aspects clash.

To check the app, we first ade our in-house team that as not part of the project try itas the first step of the trial run.Based on their feedback, we made the necessary changes that enable the app to become better.

Once that as done, we did a trial run with a bunch of com m on users of different groups from the circle of friends and family. Once we got their feedback and incorporated in the app, we were sure that the app was ready.

It truly felt like an achievement when our client was happy and equally surprised that we had achieved the feat in the mentioned specification, budget, and time.

Case study 1

Food Delivery Mobile App & Website Development:


Client is new to food delivery market in India. And Initially came up with the idea of developing a tiffin service and food ordering app with defined budget in mind.


Since the client was new to this business, unable to define their requirements for developing a tiffin service and delivery boy. To design a food ordering app, it’s vital to think over the variety of steps and clear navigation that will enable users to quickly make and get the order under diverse circumstances had to be considered for the development of food delivery website and delivery boy app. Below are the additional challenges we faced during the development,

Integrating user friendly interface with minimum learning curve Integrating data and ensuring fast delivery of products

What We Did

We introduced Food delivery website and delivery boy app in Android for customers where online orders can be booked and track their orders accordingly. This helped restaurants to get orders online. They are now able to decide average food consumption using graphical representation on web admin panel given as part of website behind secured login.

Real time notifications like push notifications, emails and text messages made the idea fulfilling and satisfying experience for client and their customers.

Technologies Used.
Case study 2

Task Management Software developed to improve Team Productivity For tracking multiple tasks from beginning to end we have developed Task management software application as per client’s business requirement.


Client specializes in providing cloud-based solutions for retail industry across Australia.


Team leaders were in need of task management software that would help them to manage a multitude of projects, responsibilities, and deadlines stay on target while keeping team performance high and project costs below budget.

What We Did

Custom web application development team at Reliant Vision developed task management software application to assist them easily manage the tasks among their teams and track the tasks till it’s done.


Case Study 3

Dedicated Development Team is a good choice for organizations or people who don’t want to deal with complexity and downsides in software development. Organizations having an immediate need to complete a specific task without having to defocus their in-house team, dynamic and enterprises that require rare expertise, especially with a limited budget (startups) opt for a dedicated team. Given the tough competition in the software field, companies are ready to outsource IT functions when their in-house experts lack expertise while handling difficult and time bound tasks.

Advantages of having a dedicated development team from Reliant Vision are:

With Reliant Vision’s DDU (Dedicated Development Unit/Team) the client can choose developers based on their skill sets from the vast talent pool and of course no training required. Developers of Reliant Vision can work closely with your employees or independently for a specific project, or on long-term or short term basis. Constant communication and updates on the project updates can be expected from your dedicated developers. The process is transparent which allows your dedicated team to stay within your timeline and the budgets requirement. Growth is unstoppable, so as you grow in the future dedicated developers are a way to go. Reliant Vision services are scalable so that lack of expertise doesn’t hamper your growth.

Less HR Load, leave the burden of finding and hiring on board expertise personnel to us. You can relax and focus on delivering your project on time. Re-staffing can be done, easy change in team composition given at any point of time to meet your resource needs.

When hiring a dedicated development team from Reliant Vision, you’ll decide whether you want it managed or unmanaged. Whichever option you choose, we’ll ensure seamless alignment with your expectations, thereby optimizing speed, quality, and ease of communication.

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